Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Catch up...

NYC was great, as it always is. The only downside was that we probably could do with another holiday - 12 solid days of sightseeing, shopping and exploring didn't exactly leave us in a relaxed, recovered state. Our charming but noisy flat on the corner of 47th and 9th also got to us after a while - constant traffic, honking, police sirens and even the odd catfight.

But! There's plenty of good stuff to tell you about:

* Bubby's (Tribeca location) - amazing comfort food (think crispy hush puppies, chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and bbq corn) and the biggest slices of pie I've ever seen served up by friendly staff in a low key atmosphere. So good we went twice! ZAGAT says it gets rammed with wealthy parents and their trendy toddlers for brunch at weekends, but to me it just seemed like a restaurant that actually welcomes kids. Or just go midweek!

* Catching up with Sheila - first at a Katrina fundraiser put on by her magazine, where Anamatronix DJd, (which actually meant rallying the crowd next to her tour DJ... but she did seem very nice - and much thinner than on telly. I know, shallow.) Second, hanging out in Williamsburg, her new home. We had lunch at the wonderful Diner, went shopping in an amazing vintage warehouse and I also stocked up at the excellent Brooklyn Industries. Cool t-shirt for my boyfriend, gorgeous handbag for me.

* The Russia! exhibit at the Guggenheim.

* Enjoying all the fresh food available around the clock in our neighbourhood, Hell's Kitchen - especially the delicious Italian at Basilica, which is apparently a well-loved secret across town. The penne alla vodka with grilled chicken was so good that my boyfriend had it three times, and I've been trying to recreate it at home after the waiter gave me the recipe. Apparently it's all about the marinara...


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