Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I didn't think we'd manage it, but we're going to the Big Chill and I'm as pleased as a happy thing can be. If we hadn't gone, we'd be like two puppies with their noses pressed against the window as everyone rode off. Most of our friends are going now, and one mate has been booked to DJ alongside the release of his first album - so we just couldn't miss out. Saturday night we went to the Marble (try their Summer Marble ale, if you're passing) and after a few jars, we decided to stumble home and book tickets online before we could change our minds, or sober up - whichever happened first.

Now I've got an excuse to shop for fun things like girly wellies and a good festival-friendly shoulder bag. I haven't been camping in at least 12 years, but I was a pro out in the Canadian semi-wilderness so I think I can manage Eastnor.

Looking forward to seeing Nouvelle Vague, DJ Patife, Hexstatic, and DJing from Tom Middleton, Bent, Mark Pritchard and Treva Whateva - to name just a few. I've also heard good things about Tortured Soul. Dreadful name, but I'm intrigued by the idea of live house music. The line up is here - but check for updates...


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