Monday, February 07, 2005

Movies have been such a disappointment lately...

2046 was too long, had no character development and the futuristic scenes sat incongruously with 1960s Hong Kong. I know it's cruel, but it was about as much fun as sitting through a Peter Greenaway film.

I had high hopes for Sideways, fuelled by glowing reviews from trusted sources. I enjoyed Election and loved About Schmidt - but this fell a bit flat. That's not to say it's not worth seeing, or isn't good - but it just didn't move me in the way I'd hoped. Perhaps in a year of so-so, ok-to-good is getting a higher grade. It did, however, make us desperate for a good bottle of wine.

And in the stoopid category, give Meet the Fockers a big 'ol pass. The humour's gone a lot more cliched - and a bit moralistic. Why on earth would a woman in her early 30s not want her dad to know she was pregnant before her wedding day, when daddy knows she's been living/sleeping with him for ages?


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