Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Bubble Pop Electric

Happy new year and I hope you all had good holidays. I had a great break, apart from being felled with a nasty flu that's still hanging around. On the plus side this meant we stayed in, snuggled away from the world, and had a dvd marathon that included the 3rd series of 24, Shameless, Spiderman 2, Jimmy Carr and lots of seasonal telly. To actually stop and do nothing for a week felt like the biggest treat in the world, and in that sense I wouldn't change a minute of it. It was a lovely traditional christmas, even with the flu - lots of family time (and I don't know what I'd do without the bf's family, who took me in from day one) good food, friends stopping by and just generally relaxing.

Presents - so many! A sexy Kitchenaid mixer, which I've been pining after for at least 5 years. Kurt Geiger cowboy boots, Creed perfume, some groovy clothes, the Gwen Stefani album, and a big fluffy robe that I practically lived in while I was ill.

I managed to work up the strength to celebrate the new year properly, and we had a brilliant night at the very last Eyes Down at Band On The Wall. The venue won't reopen for two years - but luckily Eyes Down is moving to the Roadhouse. I nicked an ashtray as a souvenir of our favourite venue - we'll miss you while you're gone.

A few days later, I also realised that our mashed NYE barman, who brought you either the wrong drink or a triple (wahey!) and made up your total also played the dreadhead who gets beat up in the first series of Shameless. Things like that are what I love about living in Manchester...

And now I'm back at work - tired and skint - but very, very happy with everything and looking forward to a good year.