Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I just got a lovely homemade christmas card from someone at work that included some anagrams of my name - my favourite was true kissable hit. Awwww.

Monday, December 13, 2004

We went to see Napolean Dynamite on Saturday. Although there were some genuinely funny bits, overall I was left thinking:

a) Wes Anderson rip-off

b) Why are they playing Alphaville (circa 1984) at a school dance in 2003?

c) Hmm, the director is obviously about my age, cos the When in Rome track at the end was released in 1987.

d) Let's see how many stereotypes we can fit in one film! OK, so it wasn't malicious - but it felt a bit lame.

Friday, December 10, 2004

So it was my birthday..

And amongst so many fantastic presents, I got a gorgeous mini iPod in titanium pink, a bit like the colour in the heading. With my name engraved on the back no less. As I put it, whilst sipping some lovely champagne - another present - "I feel like I've arrived..."

I happily spent hours configuring and adding a first lot of songs, and it's still only a quarter full.

I was thoroughly pampered and made a fuss of, and although I'm not quite sure how I got so lucky or deserving, I loved every minute of it.

Now playing: LCD Soundsystem - "losing my edge"

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

"But I Don't Care" is one of my all time favourite 60s singles - and I've just discovered Claire Francis has a website. Her life now couldn't be more different from her 60s mod chick days, that's for sure. Interesting reading... and you can listen to her singles on the site too.

Sleep deprived and cranky is not my preferred state to be in when I've got lots of christmas shopping to do, but I'm hoping complaining about it here will get it out my system. Bleurgh...

Update: I'm feeling much better - had a brain-clearing walk at lunch and actually managed a successful xmas present shop. And I've been promised posh steak & chips by the bf for tea tonight, too. Mmmm. (yes, I know I didn't used to eat red meat!)