Friday, August 27, 2004

As part of a lovely evening that included posh fish & chips, champagne, rosé and Spaced, we finally saw the trailer for the Alfie remake. As I posted a while back, much of it was filmed in Manchester right here in our neighbourhood.

A shame then, that it looks like absolute pants - but it was still exciting to see the bits filmed around here.

Today, I'm trying to flat hunt online whilst managing a slight hangover and a busy workday. You know what really, really irritates me? Flat listings that are left online after they're taken. Seriously, there are loads that are left on for weeks after I've found out they're gone. I wouldn't mind except for the number of times I've been fobbed off by snippy office juniors who don't want to go through flats with me on the phone and insist their website is up to date.

But never mind, I'm sure we'll find something...

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Not that anyone will be reading this, as I've disappeared for a while, but I am still around. Been on holiday and generally all over the place, so I haven't sorted Dreamweaver and a new template yet. So rather than stare at the generic blogger 'plate for another second... I've put the old one back, wonky hosted graphics and all.

But hey! I've got that back-from-hols zip in my step, so I do mean to do something about it asap.

Toronto was ace: not too hot (usually August is all air-con and battling muggy soup outside) and lots of great shopping and outings. We caught a fabulous movie - the gorgeous Garden State. Yes, starring and directed by that guy from Scrubs, as everyone seems to be saying. I dunno, I always turned it off after 5 minutes - it always seemed like cheap slapstick to me. All hail Zach Braff now though!

It's not out in the UK until October (nyah) so get a fix from here.

Listening to: various Neil Armstrong mix cds, Bent "Ariels", Arovane "Lilies" and Nouvelle Vague s/t. Most of those links have samples to listen to - enjoy.

Also loving: the bf spotted that season 4 of Six Feet Under is now showing on Channel 4 - what's with the Tuesday 11:05 PM slot though?