Thursday, November 11, 2004

We went to see The Corporation last night. At well over 2 hours long, my butt was numb - and I found some of the other attendees a bit irritating (more on that later) but we came away feeling informed, horrified and yet hopeful. Worst bits - although there was much that shocked, it was the historical anecdotes that bothered me the most. Fanta was apparently created by Coca-Cola in Nazi Germany so they could continue to be profitable throughout the war, and they alleged that an IBM early computer and punch cards to log holocaust victims were supplied to Nazis by IBM in New York. I say alleged, but there was a photo of the head of IBM with Hitler which left little to the imagination.

Best bits: footage of Kathie Lee Gifford squirming during her sweatshop PR fiasco many years ago, even if the promised changes didn't last; and the water riots in Bolivia that ended privatization of a natural resource. Oh, and just laughing at some of the ridiculous quotes. Like (and I'm paraphrasing here) "You should have faith in corporations because they'll always be around... and if you don't, well, that's not good."

As for my issues with some of the the other moviegoers, well... I just think that you can accomplish and persuade more if you retain a sense of humour. A lot of people just seemed really uptight. Oh, and the guy next to me kept tutting and snorting, and at one point he gave the finger to someone on screen. Ooooh. Plus he brought his entire *supper* along and crunched through packets of very corporate crisps, bottled drinks and coleslaw for the first 45 minutes.