Friday, October 22, 2004

There's been lots of moaning about the changes made to the Star Wars DVD box set for eps 4-6, but I hadn't really been that bothered until we watched Return of the Jedi last night. There are no doubt dozens of changes in the first two that I didn't particularly notice. But ROTJ was the first film I saw of the three, and I was obsessed, so I was much more set in how I remembered it.

First of all, when they're at Jabba's palace and he throws Oona the dancer girl to the beast, the band originally performed this great little plinky electro disco number called Lapti Nek. In the new version, it's some souped up broadway jazzy rubbish.

Even worse, there's new footage at the end with jubiliant crowds, which reminded me of those awful victory scenes from the Matrix. And as many have pointed out, Luke sees a ghost image of Hayden Christensen instead of wrinkly old dead Darth. But even worse, they've taken out the Ewok Celebration song and replaced it with generic modern perky muzak. Why??? I can understand wanting to tidy things up a bit, but for me the original charm was lost by replacing audio cues that would have brought on some happy nostalgia. Sigh.

I'm going to have to watch the bf's vhs to get my fix...


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