Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Can I tell you something that's been annoying me for a few weeks now? Most mornings I take the bus, and most mornings I pass the Kelly office on Cross Street - just one of the many temp/staffing services in town. However, in a sad effort to lure in potential temps, they have an assortment of ridiculous posters hanging in the windows. Each one emblazoned with the logo "Get discovered!" and pictures happy people in various "fun!" situations - the worst one has a trendy 20-something girl DJing.

Excuse me, but do they really think people are that stupid or deluded? (well - maybe...)

As a former seasoned temp myself, I know that 99% of assignments were mind-numbing admin at some ropey office where possibly:

a) Some of the computers still had DOS only operating systems (Wordperfect anyone?);

b) Your job involved filtering calls from people wanting either to speak to incarcerated friends or to apply for entertainment licences;

c) an office dragon (who begrudgingly hired you) would spend the whole day breathing down your neck to make sure they got every penny's worth;

d) You were made to shred four years of paperwork with a machine that could only take 3 sheets at a time, and in a unventilated box room.

Maybe I should suggest my alternate scenarios?