Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Well, the London birthday party at the Goth's studio was bizarre but fun. I went to buy the bf a vodka tonic, and they told me that I could only have one if I'd brought my own bottle - which they then keep behind the "bar" and charge you £2 for the pleasure of serving it to you. I said I didn't have one, and then they served me the drink anyhow. The barman was a goth listening to Evanescence while our party had a lovely mix of hip hop and brazilian drum & bass in the main rooms. It felt a bit like the warehouse booze cans* I used to go to in Toronto and made me slightly nostalgic...

We also celeb spotted. Err, well - D-list spotted mostly. First there was Danny from Hearsay (about 2 stone heavier these days!) at the Northern Star pub in Shoreditch. Then I saw Josh from Big Brother 2 stroll past the Hoxton greasy spoon where we were having some breakfast the next morning. Later that day, the bf finally spotted a decent celeb - the lovely James Lance, he of The Book Group, Spaced and more recently Absolute Power fame. I missed out as I was inside Monmouth Coffee stocking up on espresso - sigh.

Just before heading back to St. Pancras, we stopped for drinks at the 15th floor bar in St. Georges Hotel near Oxford Circus. Plonky Blackpool Tower-esque muzak and expensive drinks, but worth it for the chilled, quiet atmosphere and the views looking out over London.

* a booze can - well, here's an article that explains what Canadian ones are like...


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