Tuesday, June 08, 2004

I'm in a wonderful mood, for lots of reasons.

One. My lovely bf surprised me with a week's posh villa holiday in Spain - we leave in 2 weeks. He even managed to sneak past me on our phones here at work to book the time off with my manager. I was so surprised and amazed that I burst into tears when he told me - and now I have just enough time to sort out girly beachy things and get incredibly excited.

Two, my lovely new trousers from Gentle Fawn arrived in the post yesterday and they are awesome.

Three. I made the most delicious roast pork fillet yseterday - you just marinate the medallions in some orange juice & olive oil, then roast for about 10 minutes. Add the drippings to a pan with some honey and a bit of chilli powder and you get one seriously delicious glaze. With a side of chilled fattoush salad (I add some cumin to the dressing, and apparently ground sumac is key too although I can't get it near me) it was the perfect hot weather meal.

Four, I've got my streetdance class tonight at the gym and I'm really looking forward to it. Yes, laugh if you must - but there's something quite liberating about deciding to throw your inhibitions to the wind and pretend you're Britney for an hour.


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