Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Hello and welcome to post #400.

I must confess I haven't been feeling very bloggy. What with Malaga on the brain (31 degrees expected on our Sunday arrival...) it's been a case of wishing the days away until we fly. I've got my stock of bikinis, flip flops, sarongs and sundresses sorted, and just need the help of the old spray tan before we go. I thought about picking up a pair of Havaianas (small stock at Schuh; larger stock at Selfridges) but y'know, they were £19 and they're just plain ol' rubber flip flops. Update: that was just me moaning because my bank account was in a sorry state - I did secretly want them - and thank you to the bf for the present...

Right now I am surrounded by piles of work to finish before Friday, and it's killing me. Can I now? Pleeeeeeeease?


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