Monday, May 10, 2004

Ugh. New Blogger... not so good. Maybe I just have to get used to it.

Anyhooo... went to see Derren Brown last night. It was excellent, marred only occasionally by the difficulties of working such subtle techniques in such a large venue.

There were lots of chances to get picked to take part, and the bf found himself standing up as a potential participant for a memory stunt involving Derren memorising the entire Manchester Central phone book. He was second to be quizzed, I think - and it went something like this:

Derren: What's your name/surname?
BF: Xxx Xxxxxx.
Derren: And your initial as it would be in the phone book?
BF: X.
Derren: OK, and what's your street?
BF: Err, well it's Flat XXX and XX Name Street... (darn complicated address)
Derren: I don't know that one... wait - is the street number 51?
BF: No, it's XX.
Derren: No, sorry - either I've forgotten it or you're probably not in the phone book. Sorry. (moves on)

Now, I felt badly for the bf because I knew he was definitely in there - I'd seen the entry myself ages ago. The number 51 kept jumping around in my head, too. And then in the interval, as the bf enjoyed a little tub of ice cream, I remembered something.

"Didn't you tell me once that there is an alternate address for our building? One that no one uses?"

The bf said there was, but we couldn't remember it there and then. He did think he was probably just under our usual address, but it was worth checking. So once we got home, he went straight for the phone book, and there it was. Xxxxxx, X. 51 Xxxxxx Street, Manchester 0161 xxx-xxxx.

Cool. Stupid BT for screwing up the bf's chance to be part of the show, though...


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Blogger Melinawatson said...

An echo from Andrew's post. I'm only sorry that I was so busy running universal that we didn't have time to sit and talk.

12:40 pm  

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