Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Oooh back to work, what's that all about?

We had a very nice bank holiday weekend, apart from the hangover from hell that plagued us on Sunday after a drunken evening the night before at Cord. It was one of those weird things where we didn't plan on getting particularly lashed, but we were already in a good mood from a nice meal at the newly opened Bluu. So the lure of good music (Eyes Down djs) and a surprisingly uncrowded Cord (which is often packed with annoying 80s-esque northern quarter types) persuaded us to go for it.

So Sunday wasn't pretty, but somehow we found ourselves at Dawson's ordering quantities of toys to make music with. New eMac, Logic Pro 6 and other bits & pieces we'll need to make recording much, much easier - which we hope will mean we'll finally get a lot more done. We have various unfinished songs floating around because we'd hit a technical brick wall that made it too complicated to actually finish anything. (nb: I've also since discovered that I am a NF songwriting personality type, which means I need to brainstorm ideas and then allow them to incubate, rather than trying to finish something all at once - which makes a lot of sense and makes me feel less pressured. (Pressure I've put on myself of course... all part of my type!)

We tried to go to the Friends & Family bbq on Sunday evening, but woozy heads and annoying students had us returning home after just an hour. Getting old!!

Luckily we felt much more ourselves on Monday, and our friend Trev persuaded us to take in a few pints at our favourite local, the Marble Arch on Rochdale Road. It was fitting to enjoy our last day of freedom sampling their lovely own-brew ales such as Heavy Chocolate and Ginger and admiring the original decor. There's something infinitely soothing about the pale green and brown tiles and slanting floor, all left intact from its early days and an honest example of a turn of the century Ancoats pub.

Today, back to the grind after a training day in Liverpool yesterday. It might be raining, and we've just heard about a student stabbed 13 times at an intersection just two blocks from my office (great!) but I'm having a nice chilled day all things considered. My manager bought me a lovely bouquet of lilies and birds of paradise (my favourite) to say thank you for sticking it out for the past year... can't believe I've been here that long!


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