Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Manchester is the only place I've lived where the city buses let you ride for free because you're trying to pay with a fiver and they haven't got any change. You can't buy standard tickets any other way, so it's get on and see what happens. But seeing as they *never* have change, maybe I should always try and pay with a big bill! You also often see people desperately haggling with the change-less drivers: "I've got £1.20 and some pennies, ok?"

Come to think of it, it's amazing how often any bus I catch is missing something - laminate backings for weekly passes, friendly drivers, ventilation, upholstery, brakes...

But at least it's not like Toronto, where the streetcar (tram) or bus drivers don't carry any change. You can buy strips of tickets from just about any corner shop, so the attitude is there is no excuse for not paying to get on. I remember one passenger only had a $20 bill - and the driver told him with a straight face that he would have to put that in the farebox or get off. Bearing in mind a single fare was $2 at the time...


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