Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Happy, tired and sad all at once.

Happy because my work launch party went amazingly well last night in every way. People seemed genuinely moved by the charity's work and there was a really nice atmosphere in the reception afterwards. It was also really nice to explain and show what I do to so many people, from the business side of things (out of town colleagues, supporters) to the personal (my bf.) Usually I try not to "bring work home" as it were, but it was cool.

Tired because, well - a big event is always draining. Plus I'm not always that comfortable with doing the meet & greet thing for hours on end, even though I'm actually pretty good at it. It usually hits me afterwards as I just go into overdrive while it's all happening.

Sad because I had some terrible news this morning about the death of one of my friend's good friends. My tired state meant that it hit me pretty hard.

I felt pretty hollow this morning as I sloshed into work through a batch of cold winter rain. As I walked through the Arndale to get to my bus stop, all the shops seemed too bright, forcibly cheerful and pointless. I made it to my office and had to have a good cry.

But... it's the afternoon now and I'm feeling better. Lots of nice calls and emails about the event and a big M&S picnic lunch courtesy of my manager, and I reconfirmed my bookings for a little sejour this weekend in Brighton with the bf. It's good to focus on the positive I guess - but what a very up and down day.


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