Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Sinus cold, owwww. Drugs not working. Note: do not let the sweet but, at the end of the day, clearly on-commission pharmacist persuade you to buy the Boots brand of Sinutab. Half the price maybe, but that also must mean half the drugs. It just ain't happening.

Oh, and can I gripe about the supermarket cashier I had yesterday? I thought he'd said £3.10, so I gave him £10.10. He took my money, punched it in and, after a minute of painstakingly sifting through the till, handed me a bill and a big pile of change. £6.99 in fact. So I said:

"Umm, I thought you said £3.10? That's why I gave you £10.10...?"

Him: "No, it was £3.11." (silence)

Me: "Can I ask why you didn't ask me for the penny?"

Him: even blanker expression

In the end I just walked away.


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