Friday, January 09, 2004

I sniped an auction yesterday for a single I've been wanting for ages - Jackie Lee's "The town I live in" (which I first fell in love with many years ago through the Dream Babes cd). I had to bid a few times to win, but I *really* wanted it as I've never seen it for sale anywhere before. Moments after I'd won, I got an email from the other bidder, who turned out to be the person who runs the only Jackie website I know of. Oooops. I've promised him a scan though, and I don't feel *too* badly as he's got another copy, just not this one (which is a promo issue). Ah, girl group politics.

It's been a very cinematic couple of days, too. Sleeper and Far From Heaven last night. I cried my eyes out during Far From Heaven, especially since I'd had a crap day at work. And tonight, Lost in Translation is finally out in the UK, so we're going to a screening right after work. I expect to be floating around in a happy Sofia Coppola/Bill Murray/Japan bubble for the rest of the evening.


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