Monday, January 05, 2004

I haven't been anywhere near a computer since before christmas, and it was actually quite nice to just forget about emails and eBay for a while.

Got completely spoiled, which was lovely - too many presents to list, but off the top of my head: Creme de la Mer, trainers, an amazing hoodie from a brilliant new label, Duel Industries, dvds, 60s design books, the new Kelis album, Dream Babes 5, a beautiful pop art clock, and a nice little sum to add to my holiday fund from my parents, who say it's high time I paid Toronto a visit. (It'll be three years next September if I don't get back before then, ooops...)

Spent christmas/boxing day at the bf's parents' house, doing the usual sofa/telly/food thing (bliss!) and then it was back to Manchester for the rest of my break to just relax and do whatever. Let me tell you, sometimes it's pretty tiring living in town anyhow, but seasonal shopping hell made things even more intense. Just trying to do a run to Tesco for some milk required major psyching up, and forget about trying to just turn up at a restaurant to eat. So we mostly hibernated away with our ever growing dvd collection, except for new year's when we ventured out in the pouring rain to the That Amazing Thing party in a nice old pub tucked away off Chapel Street. And so 2004 started with a nice snog and dancing to Irfane...


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