Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Blogger keeps swallowing my posts. Grrr.

So. Lost in Translation was every bit as fantastic as I expected. And the ending was heaven set to "Just like honey" by the Jesus & Mary Chain. The rest of the evening just had to be Japanese style too, so we headed straight for the Wagamama (also in the Printworks) for edamame, gyoza, tonkatsu and Kirin Ichiban. OK, it's not completely authentic, but it's close enough. And then back to our flat for more drinks and... karaoke. You see, I invested in a special karaoke dvd player a few years ago. It hasn't had much use since last spring really, but after a glass or two of wine, I wistfully said I had the karaoke bug. The bf surprised me by saying he was up for it too, even though my song list was mostly made up of 70s rock ballads, 80s pop, recent top 40 and the Carpenters. A boy after my own heart! I activated the scoring function too, and if you can believe it, our best result was 95% for "Bag it Up" by Geri. And I have now been instructed to find some hip hop karaoke vcds for the next time...

All things Japanese continued on Sunday, when we explored Chinatown for the first time in ages. The bf bought a Gundam robot model, we did some purikura and I also picked up some panko breadcrumbs and Japanese curry sauce so I can make tonkatsu at home this week.

We also wanted to make some edamame at home, but buying fresh or frozen soybeans still in their pods has proved impossible in Manchester so far. I?ve discovered that Mount Fuji do mailorder frozen edamame, but there's a whopping £9.95 delivery charge since it's sent overnight - a bit much when the beans cost around £2. Hmmm.


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