Tuesday, December 16, 2003

There's a thread on ILE about every job you've ever had, which got me thinking...here's my list, starting at about age 12:

Soy milk bottle washer (don't ask, but it was $1 a load!)
Saturday helper at an independant toy store
Saturday helper at my mom's bookstore
Saturday helper at a dressmaker/drycleaners
Correcting mislabled tofu/tempeh bags with stickers ($8 for a box of 1000)
Admin cover at a small insurance company (friend of the family)
Carol singer (paid for by the local council)
Food/sample demonstrationist at various veggie fairs and supermarkets
Receptionist at a colonic irrigation clinic
Runner/assistant at the English Language Association's annual convention (in Toronto that year...)
Kitchen staff/waitress/head cook (evolved gradually over 10 years) in veggie restaurant
Runner/camera person/presenter etc. for a community TV channel in Toronto
Runner/CG switcher for Ed the Sock (Canadian tv, don't ask)
Temp at various weird government and private offices in Toronto
Bilingual receptionist/bilingual case processer at the Ontario Labour Relations
Temp for various weird hospitals in Toronto
Temp for various television programmes in Manchester
Casting assistant for a television programme that shall go unnamed
Personal assistant/production co-ordinator for a small indie TV company
Telephone Advice worker
Office manager for a technology firm
Office manager for a charity

I'm trying to decide which jobs I liked the best. I have fond memories of the ELA convention, because Salman Rushdie was supposed to speak and security was really tight that day - we felt like we were in a movie.


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