Thursday, December 04, 2003

So I know I've been a bit lax with posting, but I've been kind of stressed at work lately... we have finally launched and booked our first clients in, but even though I organised things perfectly down to the very smallest detail, you can't make things run smoothly. Like people turning up two hours late or not at all. Lots of our clients don't have phones, mainly for financial reasons, so communication is often limited to letters or calling them back when they ring from a payphone. So it's been a little crazy.

And today, I'm trying to function without enough sleep, because my sister called from Canada last night just before midnight. She'd forgot the time difference - and then my phone died all of a sudden, so I spent the next half hour alternating between trying to call on the bf's mobile, and on the landline once the phone mysteriously started working again...

I've also been busy sorting out transatlantic christmas presents, too - so no leaving it until the 24th on a mad dash with your extra 1/2 day of holiday. You've got to post all your parcels and cards by about now to guarantee they arrive on time.

Oh, and we saw Intolerable Cruelty last night at last, and it was fantastic. I've come across a lot of bad reviews and people who didn't like it though, and I'm kind of lost as to why. Maybe some just didn't appreciate the high camp, tongue in cheek escapades towards the end. Anyhoo, if you're hankering for feel-good that's also smart and funny, I'd suggest this instead of Elf or Love Actually (especially after Sashinka's scathing review, which extinguished the tiny inkling of interest I had with some certainty!) It's not Christmassy, but it'll still give you nice holiday happy butterflies. Awww.


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