Thursday, November 06, 2003

"What's fun about watching a zillion stupid-looking flying robots blow up for like seven hours while people (straight-faced) recite insipid cliches and do that war-movie yell? I hate the war-movie yell."

-- ILE post re: Matrix Revolutions today as the first reviews trickle in.

[minor spoilers p.s.] To be fair, it wasn't unwatchable - but it was seriously hindered by some cheesefest dialogue. It also lacked any majorly exciting fight and/or escape/driving scenes, which at least Reloaded had - and it felt rushed. Also, just say no to endings with pretty sunrises created by a child who is supposedly the last Exile, although we never find out exactly what that means!

The fish curry I made last night, on the other hand, was completely brilliant.

If you're not sure what to do tonight, I'd suggest the latter coupled with Eastenders. Mmmm, Nigel Harman.


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