Friday, November 14, 2003

Bits and pieces...

Kid Koala

Well, Kid Koala's Short Attention Span Theatre was very good indeed - a completely different kind of show from when I last saw him the other year here in Manchester. Although watching a bunch of DJs in a seated auditorium felt a bit formal at first, after a while I relaxed and just enjoyed the show. Besides Kid Koala, there was DJ Jester, who mixed all my favourite 80s guilty pleasure tunes with more modern beats; Leiderhosen Lucil, whose cod-German-heidi schtick was amusing between songs, but otherwise wasn't my cup of tea; DJ P-Love from NYC, who apparently has a killer jerk chicken recipe; bingo (Kid Koala style) and some seriously twisted but funny animated shorts by KK's friend Monkmus. It was kind of like spending an evening hanging out with your friends, and KK's knack for telling stories in between songs had him holding court from the word go. Plus he has the most insane laugh either - a kind of spooky bleating. And the "girl is mine" battle routine at the end was fantastic. There are still some dates before christmas, so check it out.

(We also saw his in-store at Piccadilly Records earlier in the day - a short but sweet set, but nice to see him in action up close...)

And otherwise...

In other news, the bf took one step closer to local celebdom when he was quoted in this week's City Life feature on... Meatloaf. Yes, it's unusual that the worlds of 60s dub reggae and the 'Loaf should meet, but hey, it's about time. I was very excited to see his quote right above Mike Joyce's, too.

Quiet night in with pizza, wine, Eastenders, Will and Grace and the new Peter Kay live dvd tonight... it's foul out today anyhow, but just pacing ourselves for Friends and Family tomorrow night too. Guest DJ is Rob Smith, he of mid-90s Bristol sound pioneering fame... should be good.


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