Thursday, October 16, 2003

Sorry, things are a bit hectic. Again. I feel like a broken record! But yes, I'm a bit busy with moving house. Again. It's a long story, but despite the stress I'm very happy so it's all ok.

Had a gorgeous meal at the Market Restaurant last night, as a celebration for the start of holidays (have fun in Stockholm, you...) Puddings are still only £1 until the end of October from Wed-Fri nights, so if you fancy cinnamon pavlova with dark chocolate sauce don't say I didn't tell you.

Feeling quite sleepy today - when I have lots to plan (e.g. this move), I tend to sleep very lightly because my brain is plotting endlessly. Add that to the loser who started bellowing Manchester City chants (well, if you call "Ciiiiiiiiiity" a chant, maybe I should say grunt) outside our window at 3 am and you've got one groggy girl.


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