Friday, October 17, 2003

So yes, I'm busy lugging stuff from the old flat to the new, especially as I'm on my own this weekend, as it's a good chance just to get stuck in. But in order to not totally burn out I have this routine now where I go straight in after work, carry as much as I can until my arms start to drop off and then reward myself. No, not with Baileys. Last night, I treated myself to Eastenders with a cup of tea, and then onto the stronger stuff - a couple of glasses of Burgundy chardonnay and some DJ practice.

I really can't beat mix at all yet, but I'm trying to do more than just play records one after the other. I'm managing to mix in things nicely during the fadeouts, and for the first time, trying out speeding or slowing records down so they match up better. I did do one sort-of beat mix using Olivia Newton John's "With a little more love" into Dusty Springfield's "All cried out", which actually sounded pretty good. Maybe I have a future as a 60s meets 80s bootleg mix maker... anyhow, it was fun and made me want to sort out another night in Manchester at long last. We'll see.

Speaking of records, a bit of a plug - I'm pleased to announce that my boyf's new label, Northern Comfort, has its first release out - "Rhythm and Bass", a 70 minute mix of dub reggae classics from the likes of King Tubby, Horace Andy and loads of others. You can get it round Manchester from Piccadilly, Vox Pop, Pelicanneck or Fat City, by mail order from said shops or by visiting the Northern Comfort website, where you can snap it up for £6 postpaid via Paypal.

You can listen to samples of some of the tracks on the Fat City site here. Alternatively, if you happen to be getting your hair cut at Barbarella (Nicky the hairdresser, based in Pop Boutique on Oldham Street) I've given her a copy to play in the shop... (heh!)


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