Monday, September 08, 2003

Lots on this past weekend - a (sadly) disappointing Soulsavers at Night and Day on Friday, but onto better things on Saturday when we went to see Cypher which was every bit as good as the reviews promised. Afterwards, we checked out a free soul/hip-hop night at the Contact which was completely dead when we arrived, only to be packed out 10 minutes later. We suspected it was more of an aftershow party, but no one seemed to mind us being there and it was a nice and different way to end the evening.

Sunday was the first open day for the Victoria Baths, which is a finalist in the BBC Restoration programme and hoping to snag the £3-4 million prize to help meet the £15 million they need to restore it fully. After getting lost by taking a bus that didn't run quite as close to the baths and wandering back through Levenshulme and Longsight, we made it eventually and had the grand tour. My favourite bits were the beautiful stained glass and an amazing early jacuzzi called an Aerotone. An interesting fact: the main pool was for 1st Class Males, who got first dibs on the fresh spring water used to fill the pool. That water was then filtered and went on to fill the next door 2nd Class Males pool, before being filtered one last time for... the Ladies pool. No thanks! Luckily the plan is to re-open the main pool and the Turkish baths for everyone to use, with the rest of the building as a sort of Healthy Living Centre (not unlike where I work at the moment, with things like free computer classes, yoga, playgroups, etc.) which sounds good to me.

The final is on September 14th and the voting line is 0901 077 77 77 (calls cost 30p...)


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