Friday, September 26, 2003

I was really excited today, because the long-promised cafe in my work building finally launched this morning. They tied it in with the Macmillan coffee morning to raise money, so I bought £1 worth of tickets for the tombola. No such thing exists in Canada, so for those that don't know it is "a game in which numbered tickets are bought from a spinning cylindrical container and small prizes are won when the numbers on the tickets are the same as the numbers on the prizes." Phew! This being the budget version though, we had to pick 10 pre-folded tickets out of a bowl yourself. Anyhow, I started checking my tickets and had a look at the goodies. They actually had TINS OF TUNA as prizes. What's up with that? I didn't win anything, but all the grannies there were cleaning up. How do they do it? Not that I wanted the single salt shaker or the bottle of fake Tia Maria...


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