Monday, September 15, 2003

A few things:

I'm performing with the Actionettes again this coming Saturday (20th Sept.) - the theme is "Boys" and it'll be an extra special night since the Action Men will be making their debut. I have no idea what sort of thing they'll be doing - it could be mod boy type routines, or maybe Lee Hazlewood stylings... but it should be fun. Me, I'll be airing a brand new number - the fab "You just gotta know my mind", as done justice in the 60s by Dana Gillespie or Karen Verros.

It's the usual venue - Water Rats in Kings Cross (328 Grays Inn Road), 9 pm start, £4 in, Leffe on tap, first set at 10:15 and the second at around midnight. Lots of alcohol, glitter and dancing! And I'll finally get a chance to wear those vintage op art earrings I picked up ages ago...

Also, we were thrilled when the Victoria Baths won the BBC Restoration contest last night. All of the buildings deserved the cash in one way or another - but I can't deny that I wasn't pleased to see a North West building win. Mind you, I could barely hear the telly because 808 State were playing right outside as part of the In the City street festival. (And no, they weren't that great - too many weird guitar solos and not enough of the old hits, sadly...)


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