Monday, September 29, 2003

Another nice chilled weekend; lots of dvd watching (X-Men, Serial Mom), a birthday party in Levenshulme, where I not only met a Torontonian (a rarity in Manchester), but one from my old stomping ground at Roncesvalles. On Sunday, The Matrix Reloaded at the IMAX at the Printworks - amazing on such a big screen. I would have been totally swept away, except for the idiot family next to me who apparently thought they were on a picnic and spent the whole time stuffing their faces with packet after noisy packet of sweets and crisps. I leaned over and glared icily but got a blank stare in return. Sigh.

Worth noting - Manchester finally has its own Lush on Market Street where Evolution used to be. (Beware - horrifically ugly website...) Also, the sadly missed Les Delices de Champagnes (as reviewed in my coffee page), which disappeared from the Triangle several months ago, is re-opening soon on Deansgate at John Dalton Street in a much bigger location.

Speaking of food, the Manchester Food & Drink festival starts on Wednesday. Hopefully I'll be checking out some of the events and writing about them here... £1 for a pudding at the Market Restaurant is especially tempting.


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