Tuesday, August 05, 2003

This heatwave is leaving me quite listless and tired today, although there are other reasons, too... some of them work related. I'm waiting to hear today if I get full time hours. Pretty please!

Had a nice weekend which included catching up with my friend Esther both at lunch and for a last orders drink on Saturday at a very rammed Cord. The usual assortment of strange drunken Mancunians was out in full force, probably because of the weather! My favourite was the girl in white platform boots, swaying outside a pub to UB40 and swigging an alcopop who gave me a menacing look as I walked past. I'll be glad when they bring in the no drink in the streets zoning rule later this year... even if it's only because of the new Manchester City stadium, and not because the council actually feels sorry for us residents!


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