Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Sorry, been a bit... distracted.

I'm busy with work and adjusting too. I'm full time as of September (hooray) but things will still be tight for a while. This means still no proper long holiday, and not only do I need one desperately, but I've got 3 weeks to take before the end of the year and I can't carry it over. Hrm. If anyone knows of a flight to Toronto for about £50 or has a cottage I can borrow, let me know... otherwise it might be a week or two of sitting around my flat!

A bit of news - turns out a show that I did development research for was finally commissioned (by Channel 5, oh well!) It's called The Plastic Surgery Story (I know, lame title) and it's on at 9:15 pm on bank holiday Monday. Initially it was supposed to be about how the field grew out of reconstructive surgery for soliders from WW1, and the insane lack of regulation leading to disasters from the 1920s onwards, but I have no idea what's left of the original premise. Frankly I had lost all hope in it ever getting picked up at the time, and pretty much forgot about it when I quit the job in May of last year. So I was pretty shocked to get some promo flyers for it in the post from the producer. I won't get a credit of course, but at least they remembered to tell me...

Oh yeah, spotted yesterday coming out of Boutique in the City on Tib Street - Sissy from Big Bro 4! She had lots of shopping bags and walked past me quickly with her friend, keeping her head down.


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