Tuesday, August 26, 2003

I never got into Friends Reunited (or rather, the north american version e.g. Classmates) - I hated high school and didn't stay in touch with anyone, although there's a small handful of people I would always be happy to run into. So when I was invited to join Friendster, I was pretty ho-hum - so much so that it's taken me until this week to start looking around properly. And now I'm obsessed! I only have three "official" friends, which gives me a six-degrees-of-separation pool of 48,670 people (!) and through that, I've come across lots of old friends from my indie days, one ex, various people from bands I used to know... The freakiest one was a message I got from a very old friend I'd met through a lodger my parents had in the late 80s. The only bummer is that if you don't stumble across someone in your pool, you're limited to searching for someone by their email address or their full name. And that might get you some results, but you can only see a tiny thumbnail of their photo, not the full profile - so I didn't send a message in case it was the wrong person.

Anyhow, a definite must to while away those office hours...


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