Wednesday, August 13, 2003

I must be very sad - I've just gotten the biggest buzz from having a personal sort out day - y'know, finally checking your bank balance (gulp), sorting out all your bills by online banking, actually thinking about monthly budgeting (erp!), updating Tesco and Boots with my new address - that kind of thing. It all started when I got the details of my company's (very generous contributory) pension plan yesterday. So after I was done, even though it's still life-sappingly muggy, I had the urge to be little miss organised around the office and actually cleared every "to do" off my desk.

This leaves me with a leisurely aftertoon so I can pop out and run office errands - I'm still savouring the fact that I work somewhere that you can actually do that? In previous (evil telly) jobs, you'd usually be expected to run any office errands before or after work and there was a good chance of being interrogated if you were away from your desk for more than 5 minutes. Lunch was fairly sacred at the first place, although bitch boss from hell did used to insist that I deposit cheques in her personal account during MY lunch, but not at the last place. I used to get harrassed on my mobile by my boss when I dared to go out. "Where are you? You usually eat at your desk!" was his usual comment. I never did understand how emergencies always suddenly appeared in the 45 minutes I was unavailable...


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