Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Still loving the job - it helps that I have the coolest manager ever! She's just been to France and brought back some nice Maison du Cafe coffee for the office as well as this incredible chocolate with almonds in a praline salted coating. And she's always bringing me in a cappuccino or my favourite drink from Zest, their peanut butter espresso smoothie.

Sometimes I think I must be dreaming... coming from my work history it's quite a shock. Someone I used to work with at the Truly Evil Telly Job told me that my old boss actually refused to come to the staff christmas meal when she found out that she would be expected to pay for her assistant - but in the next breath was talking about the country retreat she was planning to buy in the Lake District. The saddest present I ever got from her was a feather boa she been given at a seasonal awards ceremony, which she handed over when she came back to the office completely pissed at 3 o'clock in the afternoon... so not much has changed there! And at my very last telly job, I got a bottle of tequila unceremoniously plonked on my desk for my christmas present - in February. Well, at least that was a slight improvement.


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