Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Once again, a quiet spell because of more life changes that I won't be going into detail about here. I've spent the weekend moving into a flat in the city centre with an old friend from my telly days. So no time, energy or web access meant no blogging until I got to the adsl at work today.

But I will quickly remind everyone that I have a show on Saturday with the Actionettes at the Water Rats in London (328 Grays Inn Road, a quick walk from Kings Cross station.) Doors open at 9, £4 entry, first set at 10:15 ish and the second one just after midnight with DJ sets in between. It's a 60s summer special, with lots of beach blanket bingo beats and the usual gaggle of girls in 60s finery, running around drinking cocktails and spilling liquid eyeliner everywhere... exactly what I need after a few heavy weeks!


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