Wednesday, July 30, 2003

On my lunch, I was in town running some errands when the heavens opened. It was the sort of rain that even my trustworthy Muji umbrella couldn't fend off, and I got completely soaked. I decided to take refuge at the central library, which has a great covered entrance, but after 10 minutes of standing around with an ever increasing group of fellow soggy people and no sign of it tapering off, I decided to make a break for it.

As I ran through to Albert Square, I suddenly noticed that the town hall square had been transformed into a rustic farm. Literally! There were corn fields, shacks burning charcoal fires, people dressed as peasants and paddocks. A lonely cow stared at me balefully as I passed - probably thinking "what the f*&k did I do to deserve this?"

It then occured to me that now there's going to be people side stepping cowplops in Manchester's already dubious puddles...


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