Thursday, July 24, 2003

New life so far...


1. Being lulled to sleep by late night buses, street cleaning lorries and drunken Mancunians stumbling around.

2. Sunday karaoke at a local pub that starts at noon, doesn't finish until 8 pm and gets broadcast out into the road for some reason.

3. The local psycho squeegee guy who shouts "f*&k" constantly as he waits for cars to stop, and gets even more irate when his manner scares off anyone who might give him spare change.


1. No more commuting - I can walk to work in about 20 minutes. In fact, I can now walk pretty much everywhere.

2. Being able to pick up groceries or last minute shopping needs and still be home by 5:45.

3. The entertainment value of said drunken Mancunians. Sometimes. Especially when they squabble with their loved ones at the top of their voices.

4. Love Saves the Day is now my local for that all important americano...


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