Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Had an amazing weekend - it started off with rain in Manchester and a crowded train full of surly, soggy passengers, but the sun was shining by the time I got to London. I headed to All Souls church in Oxford Circus to meet my Actionette hostess, Crepe Suzette. From there we headed to her flat for a delightful evening of Ratatette (Actionette ratatouille), chardonnay and practicing a routine for Saturday night with her sister Tourette.

On Saturday morning, we shopped around Camden for beach balls, hula hoops and all things glittery for our stage outfits. Sarah and Maya, two film makers, turned up at around 2 pm to film us practicing, packing up and leaving for the club for the documentary they're making about the Actionettes. While we were loading up the taxi, a bunch of little brassy children came up to us to ask if we were pop stars. (I said yes, of course...how could I resist?)

I love everything about the Water Rats - it's such a great venue. For one thing, the owners lets the girls in at about 3 and them in peace to decorate as they please. They even let us chill some brought-in cava behind the bar and the soundman, a lovely Irish guy, is always incredibly patient and helpful. All in all, a perfect venue. I snuck off to freshen up and down a much needed espresso before getting glammed up in the tiny backstage room. Despite the heat, I thought we all looked particularly fab in our dresses for the sets - red, pink and orange for the first one and green and blue for the second. I'll link to some photos later, since I forgot my camera, but it was definitely the best one yet. I just wished I could join in for some of the dances, especially "Bar-B-Q" by Wendy Rene - what an amazing song!

Sunday brought glorious weather - all sun and balmy breezes. After a leisurely breakfast and a wander, I scooted across town and managed to record another three songs with Phil (Lesley Gore's "Summer and Sandy", Nino Tempo's "Boys Town" and "Easy as 123" by Jill Gibson) before snagging a late train back to Manchester. Just before I left, my friend Mick gave me a special treat - an advance copy of his latest project - "THE BREAKAWAYS & FRIENDS-THAT'S HOW IT GOES" - a fantastic anthology out on Castle on the 11th August. Tons of great pictures of the girls and all of their best work, both their own and as backing vocalists, all in one place. Very classy 60s girls indeed!


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