Sunday, June 22, 2003

Still in NYC...

I'm breakfasting on vanilla tea and toasted challah as I write this, enjoying the temporary quiet of a Sunday morning in NYC. We've already been up since 7:30 am because we had to take Keiko (my friend from Tokyo) to the airport. I thought I had it bad with two 7 hour flights within three days of each other, but 13 hours wins the prize. It's raining (again) but I guess it's fitting for the slightly sad mood as everything winds down and I have to start saying goodbye to people.

I'll save posting about the actual club night until I get back, so I can do it justice with photos - but last night's drinks party was incredible. At about nine pm, our Spectropop friends starting showing up and we settled in with lots of drinks and nibbles. We were pleasantly chatting away when at 11 pm, the door buzzes. And who was it? Maxine Brown!! I knew she was coming, but we'd kept it a surprise from some of our friends just to see the look on their faces. Maxine swept in, looking fabulous (I have photos, so more of that later too!) and kept us hanging on every word for the rest of the evening. She's currently working in a jazz/blues trio with two other women called Triple Threat, but she still does her 60s soul hits too - she recently performed at a weekender in Cleethorpes. Imagining Maxine from Queens in Cleethorpes really made me laugh!

Some of her original singles and picture sleeves were produced for autographs, and she happily posed for photos with everyone there. We also played her some unreleased songs from the Where the Girls Are cd to get her comments, but fascinatingly enough Maxine didn't remember them. She explained that they'd often haul her into the studio, give her 20 minutes to learn a few songs and record everything in one or two takes - and if the songs didn't take off, she would just move on to a new batch. Such was the way in the quest for an overnight hit back then...

I still can't believe that we all just spent the evening with the woman who sang "It's torture" - one of my favourite songs of all time.

But things don't stop there. Later on today, before I have to catch my flight, we're going for a drink with Darlene Love!

Excuse me while I go faint and recover...


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