Friday, June 20, 2003

Live from NYC!

Soundcheck starts in 4 hours and what am I doing? Lounging around in Sheila's room, listening to Shiina Ringo and drinking tea.

The flight was excellent - Continental is once again the only reliable airline I've flown with. The Travel Essence drops I bought from Neal's Yard totally worked to fight off jet lag, too - I'd highly recommend them.

I love being here - it's such a liberating city! After a chat and some pad thai, I wandered out down Prince Street to find a cappuccino and someone came up to ask me for directions. I apologised and said I wasn't from here - and the woman exclaimed "Oh, you looked so at home I thought you were the one to ask!" which made my day.

Later on, we went for amazing Mexican food and settled back at Sheila's for more drinks, gossip and lots of records. At one am, I suddenly realised I'd been up for 24 hours - how did that happen?

I'm scared and elated about tonight, but a few drinks and some deep breaths should settle me down. So I guess I should leave you and start getting dressed! More later...


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