Friday, May 23, 2003

Needle in a (soggy) haystack...

Catching up a bit, last Saturday we went to Liverpool to hang out with my friends who had travelled up from London to see the Velvelettes perform at an "oldies" revue. I hadn't known about it, as I would normally avoid any sort of nostalgia tour as I always think I'll be disappointed by schmaltzy backing bands, plinky backing tracks and "bands" featuring only one original member. But when my friends told me that the Velvelettes tour with all original members and blew everyone out of the water, I really wish I'd gone. They're coming back to Manchester later this year though, so I can make amends then.

Sadly, it was a completely miserable and soggy afternoon. After nosing around Quiggins (where Mick bought me a lovely present - an old programme for a production called "Charlie Girl", starring Joe Brown and some girls in fab Courreges go go boots!), Hairy Records and the Soul Cafe, we had just enough time to drive down to the docks for a stroll. It alternated between breezy greyness and heavy showers, and I snapped this during one of the dry bits:

As we wandered past the Tate Gallery, all of a sudden my friends stopped in their tracks. We had just bumped into their friend John, who was accompanied by none other than Carolyn Gill, lead singer of the Velvelettes. The bf and I stood there like idiots, mute with awe. I found myself shaking hands with the person who sang one of my favourite girl group songs ever, Needle in a Haystack (which also lead to Tawny Reed's ace britgirl version too!)

I'm not lying when I say she looked not a day over 40! Our friends talked shop for a while, dishing on backstage gossip about the other artists. I was dying to ask for a photo but I just lost my nerve. We said our goodbyes and carried on around the docks. And then the heavens completely opened. It was freezing, we were all soaked and my poor friends had to catch a 4 hour train back to London.

This week has been busy but not particularly blogworthy, which is why I've been quiet until today. But tomorrow...EUROVISION! We are having a small party, with two friends arriving from London tonight for a weekend visit. There will be a huge posh buffet (such as spinach, pine nut & feta galettes or baked brie with chutney) and of course, a camp dessert in the form of a bright pink strawberry cake with strawberry cream cheese icing from the Cake Mix Doctor book and a batch of Ghiradelli cookies.

Liquid Eurovision every night has really got me excited - last night's show was the best yet. Those naughty boys from Sestre (last year's fab air hostesses with the mostesses) and their "douze points backstage" tales... I can't wait for Saturday night! I haven't got a favourite yet, although Alf is the big underdog and I'm afraid the Ukraine's poor Olexandr Ponomaryof or Israel's Lior Narkis might be a nil points...we nearly had an "accident" when we saw the video. What was with the toothbrush?


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