Thursday, May 15, 2003

Last night, we went to a pub quiz at a Conservative club in Bolton. Trust me, I never thought I'd set foot in one! (To make a long story short, one of the bf's workmates runs the quiz occasionally and we thought we'd surprise him.) We were a bit embarrassed when we won the main quiz, but lost the betting round to save face and came away having had a great time in definite Peter Kay-ish style. I drank Tetley's bitter all night and had forgotten how yummy peanuts and Seabrooks crisps taste when you get peckish!

Tonight, we're seeing the Hidden Cameras at the Leeds Cockpit, because they're not playing Manchester and we couldn't go to the Liverpool show last night. And as I used to know Joel through our indie/britpop clubbing days in the mid 90s, I feel a bit of an unpleasant Toronto flashback coming on already and I'm not sure I like it. Nothing to do with him personally - just by association - but I will just shove it to the back of my mind, have a few drinks (and hey, I don't have to work tomorrow!) and try to decipher his lyrics. Now you probably want me to tell you all about it. Maybe someday.

Oh yes, some other bits of news:

1. I GOT MY VISA! It arrived 2 days ago and I have to confess I cried a bit out of relief. It's lovely and green and I never have to worry about renewing it again.

2. We just sold an early Inspiral Carpets demo tape on eBay for £51 - how mad is that?


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