Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Hungover. Bleurgh! But worth it.

So, Manitoba. After a yummy meal at Wagamama (and a forgotten sneezing task) we headed for the Rescue Rooms and settled in. I was having a good time and that's probably why I threw caution to the wind, in the form of downing Leffe. Which I forgot has 6.6% alcohol, or something like that. But it was easy to forget when you've got nice conversation and Manitoba racing around the stage in lion masks. The evening ended at Mike's with some more beer and records before we retired to bed.

But oooh, what a banging head when I woke up. I was really annoyed as I usually pride myself on being able to mind the beer threshold. Thanks to Mike, we had time for tea (liberally scoffed with nurofen) but it did nothing much to improve my condition. However we had to get going as I'd promised to pop into work briefly to check out my new laptop. I also hope Mike has forgiven us for sleeping a bit later than we should have - meaning he (very kindly) had to leave us a key to lock up. I was feeling poorly *and* mortified! I so rarely stay up past 11 on a school night, let alone drink too much.

I made it home ok, thanks to a few stops along the way for Irn Bru, cheese doritos and chocolate. I know, it's disgusting! But it's my proven hangover helper, and possibly the one time where junk food makes you feel better.

I've recovered just enough to pack for London - I'll be down there for two days of work and two days of play, including the Actionettes show on Saturday. Although I'm not performing, I've still planned my outfit and it's quite Clodagh Rodgers circa 1969. And a last minute surprise of some more studio time means I'll have three more songs under my belt, and enough for a Songs:Two cd once they're mixed.

p.s. A special hello to birthday Chig, who surprised me with a phone call as we were driving to Mike's.


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