Wednesday, May 28, 2003

First of all: attention googlers - you won't find any t.A.T.u mp3s here. Also, the f&%ker looking for this - I hope your computer gets confiscated and you do 20 years. There, that's cleared up.

Eurovision. What can I say? I liked the Jemini song, and I thought it would do ok. I certainly think there was a backlash, especially when I found out their dressing room got trashed after the show. And I know what it's like to try and sing when you can't hear yourself in the monitor (not that I've ever done anything flash enough to get one of those earpiece ones!) so with thousands of people cheering at you, it's no surprise Gemma was way off. The girls at my party had a soft spot for the Norway cutie - (as Mike predicted!) and Romania was a big favourite too with the Bomfunk MC act. I'd actually picked Turkey to come second (after Spain, ooops!) so I felt like I'd guessed pretty well.

Today, there are hundreds of Italian football fans wandering around my neighbourhood for that big match tonight. I think I might have had a few catcalls, but as my Italian is non-existant they might have been asking where the nearest cash point is...

Luckily, we're getting away from it all tonight as it's Broadcast tonight at the Hop & Grape (Academy 3, but I refuse to call it that.) I'm probably looking forward to this show more than anything in the last year, because the new album "Ha Ha Sound" is breathtaking. The bf scored a promo copy at Vinyl Exchange, thinking maybe he'd beat the crowds by a few weeks. But it's not out until 11th August! I'd say it'll be worth the wait, but I'm sure most people are scuttling off to WinMX anyhow.


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