Monday, April 07, 2003

Suddenly, I seem to be seeing Andy Rourke everywhere. He was at Pitman, and on Saturday he was sat next to us at Night & Day while we had our usual lunch there. Today, as I was leaving my voluntary work and heading for a bus, I passed him on Dale Street in the northern quarter.

I know he's just a normal guy, but I just can't help having these flashbacks to being an angsty 14 year old staring at the Smiths poster on my wall everytime I see him. Maybe it's because he's always wearing brown aviator shades - could it be prolonging the aura of mystery?

It still makes me laugh to think that I'm living here - back then, Manchester seemed about a million miles away. I imagined it to be a grimy city where you had to live next to a factory in Hulme (thank you, Smiths poster), which I thought you pronounced "Hull-mm". Erp!


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