Monday, April 14, 2003

Record alert: W.I.T - s/t cd (release date: 1st March 2003, Mogul Electro)

I don't think I've been so excited by the thought of buying a record in some time. There have been quite a few excellent recent releases that I've been loving (Manitoba, Xela, the new Hidden Cameras album) but this...well, maybe it's because they're girls.

W.I.T. (which stands for Whatever It Takes) are three girls from NYC who have been on the electroclash (TM) scene since late 2001. I'd never heard of them before - for one thing, I HATE the term electroclash and tend to not seek out anything that actually labels itself as that. Also, I've found the bulk of "those" records released in the last year or so quite dull. Run of the mill synth sounds, lyrics that either irritate or are trying too hard to be naughty, band members who focus on image over music...

But from the first moment that I heard "Ooh I like it" by W.I.T., I was hooked. First impressions: Blondie (flirty retro confidence) the Shangri Las (call and answer lyrics) Baccara (lamé dresses) and Heart (glam hair and posing!) They describe themselves as "huggable pop electro" and judging from "Ooh I like it", I think that's exactly right. Slinky beats, bright pop production, laughter and amusing lines like "Do I feature in your immediate plans?" or "My astrologist says you're right on're just my sign..." They cover the Cars "Just what I needed" (which you can see as a short live AVI clip via the website) and look and sound as though they're having a great girly time. This is the kind of band I would love to be in - taking cues from my favourite 60s groups, adding the 80s fun, slightly trashy without being sleazy, not taking yourself too seriously and making it all sound fresh. At the very least, they seem like the kind of girls I'd love to spend a Friday night getting dressed up and ready to go out with.

I know all of this is just from hearing ONE song...but every review or article I've since read leads me to believe this is going to be my record of the year. Big words from someone who hasn't heard it yet, but I just have this feeling I'm right.


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