Monday, April 14, 2003

Reading my post about W.I.T., I sound quite cheerful, but I'm not. I'm actually feeling incredibly grumpy today. Four days left at the (paid) job and the minutes are crawling - no, limping by. I'm on my own, the phone never rings, I've tied up the measly few loose ends there were and there's nothing to do except surf the net until my eyes go bloodshot.

This morning, even a cappuccino at home with my favourite Roberts & Co. napoli espresso and a second one from Loves Saves the Day couldn't wake me up. When I'm tired, grumpy and bored, I also turn to chocolate. By 1 pm I'd eaten a whole box of Green & Black's organic dark chocolate butter biscuits (fat content of box: about 30g). Sugar dulls the appetite, so I haven't eaten much of my proper lunch (Swedish crispbread and guacamole hummous from the Unicorn, plus an orange) and now the usual 3 pm slump has made me even more sluggish.

I'm sure I'll be all sunshine and smiles by tomorrow.


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