Thursday, April 17, 2003

Last day! Last day at the old job!!!

Despite all the issues, it's been ok today. The people I did get on with have all phoned to say bye, including my one senior ally who thought I should never have been made to do those dreaded phone calls. He had another sympathetic rant - he said he'd told my manager off about it again, and revealed that he'd also handed in his notice! (for different reasons of course...)

As for the "make a fuss of me", I got a gorgeous bouquet of posh flowers - all cream and coordinated, thank you very much.

So an hour and a half to go, and then a fantastic long break until my new job starts on the 28th. Bliss!

In other happy news, I came third in David's 20 songs in 20 seconds competition. I know I didn't win, but I was in very good pop-knowledge company so I think it's quite an accomplishment.

And I have a mysterious parcel to collect after work. Don't you just love that feeling of postal anticipation? I'm not expecting anything, so I'm hoping it might be my visa so I can stay here on my own back without having to think about, y'know, weddings... eeek! I think I forgot to blog here that I got a letter from the Home Office that said it would take up to 6 weeks, which totally stressed me out. It's only been 2 weeks (four if you count the two weeks it took them to acknowledge my application) but you never know.

It's gorgeous and sunny, but it's only going to last until Saturday apparently - so I insist that you all do the barbecue/drinking out on patio/late night stroll thing pronto. Enjoy, and one last thing: don't eat any rubbish Easter chocolate packed in stupid boxes - spring for some belgian truffles instead!


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