Thursday, April 24, 2003

I know, I'm a disgrace. It's just that I've been enjoying my time off, and before I knew it a week had passed! I've been in martha stewart mode (again) as well as getting stuck into some diy and long overdue clearing out (scary garage filled with random crap from previous owners...) Today I did some painting in the bathroom. I can't stay long as I have to get said paint out of my hair before my friend Carole comes round for coffee at 3 ish.

I've been taking loads of photos though, so here are a couple to start with:

This is about half of my rhubarb "harvest" from my garden, which grows amazingly every year since it's next to the composter. It made six jars of chutney and one crumble.

My littlest one, Minna - blending into her surroundings perfectly. I love it when they sit on that footstool, and it's usually when we have company and they want to show off. She was flirting with our friend JJ that particular time.


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